Saturday, June 14, 2014

Q&A with Resistor's Steve Goldberg

It isn't every day that you come across an album that successfully combines pop music and parody as social commentary.  Like Devo with their satirical humor or Talking Heads with their deadpan Delphian lyrics. Then along comes Resistor with First World Problems.  The first single from the album, "Narcissist," was immediately on my playlist because of its irresistibly catchy refrain.  It's equally irresistible to picture the narcissist in your life while the song plays.  Doesn't everyone have one?  The video for the track has all the elements of a Saturday Night Live skit set to music.  Funny and with cultural references that you will surely appreciate.  Note the nod to the iconic Say Anything boombox scene but with a twist.  Brilliant!  Steve does the Star Wars sleeveless t-shirt and red jogging shorts justice, I must say.  The rest of the album is equally cheeky. You'll have to give it a listen to know what I mean.

Resistor, the nom de synth of Philadelphian Steve Golderg, arose from the ashes of a previous band, Goldberg's financial and emotional resources were low, and he needed a way to make music quickly and cheaply without depending on anyone.  He began writing songs with only his computer and his voice, and Resistor was born.
Resistor's debut full-length album, First World Problems, was released on May 20th.  With a synthpop sounds reminiscent of The Human League and OMD, the record was recorded and mixed by Jeff Zeigler (The War on Drugs with Kurt Vile) in Philadelphia.  While songs like "Narcissist" and "Choose Your Parents Well" are tongue in cheek, the core of the record is genuine.  Over a bed of New Wave synths, energetic drum machines and multilayered vocal harmonies, Resistor parodies the pursuit of fame and questions the meaning of artistic success.  He wonders "Why do I crave the spotlight?  Do I deserve it?  And why should anyone care about what I have to say?"

Any special talents?  Immense physical strength.  My best squat, bench and deadlift to date are 405 lbs., 290 lbs., and 525 lbs., respectively.  By powerlifting standards those aren't elite or anything, but I think by like synthpop or hipster standards they are.  There are probably a lot of guys in metal bands who lift a lot more though.  Also I'm good at JavaScript; check out my 100% hand-crafted artisanal website
Favorite movie?  Is it still okay if I say Annie Hall?  Woody seems like he's probably messed up IRL, but it's still a great film.
What did you plan to be when you grew up?  I really wanted to be an actor when I was in high school. Making the music video for "Narcissist" was a great opportunity to show off my acting chops, just really get into character and do some method acting like back in the day.  Plus it was my debut as a serious filmmaker. Look for my entry next year at Cannes.
Favorite funny story about you?  So a little while back I took part in this "fitness transformation" contest on the Internet where you had to post 12 week before and after photos.  I had taken my "after" photos flexing in a pair of Star Wars tighty whities and put them online for the contest.  Some months later, a friend told me that they'd seen my Star Wars undies photos on the Tumblr of Wil Wheaton, the actor from Star Trek: The Next Generation and The Big Bang Theory.  It turned out that a random Internet person had posted them on his gay beefcake Tumblr, then they got reblogged on a satirical Tumblr called "Fake Geek Guys," then Wil Wheaton reblogged them, and then tons of other people did.  I just checked and the post has 11,176 notes, mostly from gay porn Tumblrs.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  That's probably been the peak of my fame to date.  Also, I didn't win that round of the transformation contest, but I entered it again the next time and took first place.  (Way to go, Steve!)
If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?  "Probably a shark riding on an elephant's back, just trampling and eating everything I see. Because it's sink or swim out there."
What three words would best describe you?  Curious / Sensual / ECMAScript compliant
What makes you laugh?  I like the Mel Brooks saying, "Tragedy is when I stub my toe. Comedy is when you fall down a manhole."
Favorite food?  Gonna go with the Shooter Sandwich. Check this shit out!
Do you have a nickname?  Some people call me "The Space Cowboy." Just kidding.  Nobody has ever called me that, but I probably wouldn't mind.
What was the first band you saw in concert?  I think it was Blink 182 at The Electric Factory in Philly.  I was really into Enema of the State.

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