Friday, May 30, 2014

Q&A with Danny Van of sMALLTIME

I'm excited to unveil a new profile feature you'll be seeing regularly on The Knix Mix blog where readers get to learn a little bit about their favorite artists in the artist's own words!  Danny Van, front man for the rock outfit sMALLTIME, has graciously accepted the challenge of answering my inaugural artist profile Q&A.  sMALLTIME is a unique rock outfit from Orange County, CA consisting of Danny on lead vocal and rhythm guitar, Kenny Goorabian on lead guitar, Steve Clayton on bass guitar and Dusty Slaybaugh on drums.  Their music is a mix of rock, blues, country and soul with an inspiring message of grace, recovery and redemption.  It's clear this band of musical veterans knows how to use their God given talents.  Danny explains, "We try to write songs that stand the test of time.  A good rock song, in my humble opinion, is honest and simple and sometimes 'simple' is very allusive, but that's what we aim for."  The sMALLTIME EP was released May 20th and is available everywhere.  sMALLTIME has just finished their video for "Ya Never Know," which you can see on YouTube.  Planning for a summer tour is underway and details will be announced on their website.

Ten Questions and Answers with Danny Van!

  1. Favorite band?  Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  2. Favorite genre of music?  Straight ahead honest ROCK!
  3. What was the first band you saw in concert?  Jethro Tull @ the Fabulous Forum in LA
  4. Do you have a nickname?  Our drummer, Dusty, does.  His given name is Daniel.
  5. If you could hang out with anyone who would you pick and why?  Jesus, He has all the answers.
  6. Favorite food?  Most everything, look at me! (We think you look great, Danny!)
  7. Favorite book?  Green Eggs and Ham.  There's a moral in there somewhere.
  8. Favorite movie?  It's a Wonderful Life
  9. Favorite holiday and why?  Christmas 'cause we get to watch It's a Wonderful Life.
  10. Are there any issues you feel passionate about?   sMALLTIME is all about the message.  God's BIGTIME we're sMALLTIME.  We're just trying to be as honest as we can. That's where good rock music comes from.  We want to write songs that are good today and still good twenty years from now. I love any rock performed with passion.  Like if AC/DC's “Highway to Hell” comes on the radio, I gotta listen.  That rock cord progression is one of the best ever written, and when Bon Scott sings “I'm on the highway to Hell,” I believe him.  I don't agree with the message but I love the song.  I'm hoping I sing our songs with that same passion.
sMALLTIME website

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