Saturday, December 20, 2014

What I've been playing lately on The Knix Mix!

The 2 Bears - The Night is Young

Those cheeky Brits are at it again, albeit without the bear suits this time.  The Night is Young is the sophomore album of The 2 Bears duo of Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell.  Goddard is, of course, also part of the electronic staple, Hot Chip, and Rundell is a UK DJ and producer.  This album has the nod to 90's house with pop hooks from The 2 Bears' first album Be Strong but with a bit of an Afrikaans influence from their travels to South Africa.  Check out the tracks "See You," "Run Run" and "My Queen."

Banks - Goddess

American Jillian Banks' debut album Goddess has been out since September, and the track "Waiting Game" grabbed me in the fall. Recently I've taken a liking to another single from the album, "Beggin for Thread."  Something about the plaintive lyrics against the hum of a synth driven beat is compelling.  Banks' soul laid bare songwriting is a friend to those who have experienced a broken heart and most of us can certainly relate!

Ben Wash - Snob Rock

Snob Rock is the debut album by Ben Wash and the first full length LP that his collective, King's Head Records, has released.  It's like a dance party with an attitude!  Bridget Barkan, the former vocalist for Scissor Sisters, contributes vocals to three tracks. Some of the tracks on the album are brand new and some are previously recorded.  "Give Me" is the single I've been playing a ton, and it handily gives you a sense of the edginess you can expect from the album.

Röyksopp - The Inevitable End

The Norwegian duo Röyksopp have released The Inevitable End as a declaration of their inevitable end.  Making full length studio albums, that is.  If you've ever listened to The Knix Mix, you know that Röyksopp's brand of Scandinavian electro pop is my thing, so I have to pay homage.  And anything they do in collaboration with Robyn is going to make my playlist.  "Monument (The Inevitable End Version)" has been splitting time on my show with "SayIt" from the Do It Again EP.

The Presets - No Fun (Remixes)

The Presets' No Fun (Remixes) is actually pretty fun!  I've been playing the original mix (the radio friendly edit) since I discovered it tucked away in singles section of the music library at the station. The Aussie electronic duo is known for their dance friendly tracks, and "No Fun" is no exception. House party anyone?

Anna Lunoe - All Out EP

Anna Lunoe is another Aussie who reestablished herself in Los Angeles a couple of years ago.  Her Bass Drum Dealer EP and All Out EP go all out!  I read that she said she wants to write lyrics that are raw, honest and come from a real place, but she really just wants to dance.  I feel you sister!  Check out the remixes of the tracks "B.D.D." and "All Out" too.

Oh Land - Earth Sick

Former Danish ballet dancer gone pop singer-songwriter Oh Land's new album Earth Sick is meant to conjure up what it might feel like to be an astronaut longing for home.  Oh Land's given name is Nanna Oland Frabricius.  Now based in Brooklyn, she explored the idea by looking at her own world and thinking of what she might change were she far away and dreaming of home.  "Head Up High" is a stand out track from the album.

Mansions on the Moon - Mansions on the Moon

Mansions on the Moon is a Los Angeles quartet with roots in Virginia Beach.  Their eponymous album features a blend of styles for a sound uniquely their own - synthpop and dreamy vocal harmony.  They're the kind of band that finds fans across genres.  Check out the track "Somewhere Else Tonight."

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