Sunday, March 2, 2014

Danny Blu & The Factory Release New Album "saint"

Danny Blu is a very busy man these days. Since I last spoke to him on The Knix Mix just after the holidays Danny has released his new album "saint," he's been planning his North American Sanctuary Tour in support of the album, and he's launched a fundraising campaign called "The Road to Change" to aid in creating a film documentary and web series documenting the tour.  The film will also chronicle his visits to schools, shelters, community centers and LGBTQ organizations where he will open the door to much needed conversations about the issue of bullying.
Speaking of busy, the night of our phone interview, Danny had just come off the stage, having performed at his album release party and tour fundraiser held at Rockbar NYC.  He said the show was fantastic, and a lot of money was raised.  Go, Danny!  Some amazing photos from the show are posted below.
Danny has been passionate about the cause of anti-bullying for some time, and I couldn't think of anyone better suited to speak to disenfranchised youth.  It's true that there are parents who might raise an eyebrow (or two) at Danny's unrestrained and unapologetic self expression, and yes, his music tackles some very mature subject matter.  But here's the thing.  There isn't much that teens dislike more than being patronized by an adult with good intentions. Who better to connect with teens than someone who not only experienced the desire to find a voice and be accepted at their age, but who has fully embraced his uniqueness as an adult?  Danny has found that art and music are not only a means to self expression, but they also have the power to heal.
While the tour is fully funded, contributions will cover costs like crew, equipment and production.  If you have an interest in becoming what Danny likens to an investment saint, you can get information on indiegogo, and I will post the link below.  At different donation levels, saints can receive goodies ranging from CD's and posters to a day in the recording studio and even an unplugged concert in your front yard!  Organizations and businesses are welcome sponsors.  Community groups and schools who are interested in hosting Danny and The Factory to speak at their location about bullying can make that happen by getting in touch using the contact information also in the link.
To hear the entire conversation with Danny Blu on The Knix Mix, check out the link below.

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